Episode 3

Published on:

9th Mar 2024

[FORGOTTEN] CHHOTA GHALLUGHARA - The Sikh Genocide of 1746

Dive deep into one of the most harrowing chapters of Sikh history with this new episode from the Sikh History Series Podcast Playlist. Witness the resilience and unwavering spirit of the Khalsa Panth as they faced persecution under the new governor of Lahore, Lakhpat Rai's reign. From the grim orders of extermination to the brutal hardships in the jungles, the Singhs' guerrilla warfare tactics, and their survival against all odds, this episode is a testament to the strength and faith of the Sikh warriors.

šŸ”¹ Key Moments:

- The chilling proclamation to exterminate the Sikh populace.

- The hardship and ingenious guerrilla tactics of the Singhs under siege.

- The grueling escape through mountains, and the heart-wrenching tale of survival against starvation.

- The eventual clash between Mughals and Pathans, led to the arrest and fitting end of Lakhpat Rai, the orchestrator of the genocide.

šŸ”¹ Why Watch:

- Gain insight into a critical period of Sikh history, marked by fierce determination and sacrifice.

- Understand the depth of the Sikh spirit in the face of relentless persecution.

- Reflect on the lessons of resilience, strategy, and faith that the Khalsa Panth exemplifies.

- Join us on this powerful journey through time, as we honor the memory of those who stood tall in the face of adversity, ensuring the flame of the Khalsa Panth burns bright through the darkest times.


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Basics of Sikhi Podcast
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Basics of Sikhi Podcast is a relaxed talk show about Sikhism (Sikhi) and topics related.

Most discussions and learning about Sikhi take place in a formal setting like a Gurdwara (Sikh temple), by way of Punjabi speaking Parchariks (educators) speaking to the congregation. In recent years, many educators have taken to online platforms such as YouTube & Facebook to inspire, educate and spread the message of Sikhi to the world, in English.

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In a similar way, this Podcast, hosted by Sukhdeep Singh (Sikh educator at Basics of Sikhi) and Karanveer Singh (Sikh volunteer), is continuing that innovation by bringing learning about Sikhi to an informal and relaxed platform in the form of this talk show podcast. Sukhdeep & Karanveer will invite different guests to the Podcast to discuss various topics directly and indirectly related to Sikhi e.g. Sikh history, traditions, fitness, nutrition, mental health, music and the list goes on!...

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