Episode 2

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24th May 2024

Before the Storm | 1978-1982 | Podcast #EP2

πŸŽ™οΈ Welcome back to our 4-part podcast series commemorating the 40th anniversary of June 1984! In Part 2, we delve deep into a pivotal yet often overlooked chapter in Sikh history.

In this episode, we explore the emergence of various cults and sects within India, particularly Punjab, that sought to dilute the message of Sikhi and sow confusion among the Sikh community. Among these groups, the Nirankaris played a notorious role, with backing from the central government, openly speaking against Sikh principles and the revered Gurus.

πŸ“… Highlights of this episode include:

‒⁠ ⁠The rise of the Nirankaris and their controversial actions

‒⁠ ⁠The tragic events of 1978, where 13 brave Singh's were martyred during a protest against the Nirankaris' blasphemy

‒⁠ ⁠Insight into the influence and actions of Sant Jarnail Singh Ji during this tumultuous time

‒⁠ ⁠The profound impact on the Sikh Sangat worldwide

‒⁠ ⁠The inspiring martyrdom of Gursikhs like Bhai Kulwant Singh Nagoke

This episode is not just a recount of historical events; it provides crucial context leading up to the significant events of June 1984.

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Sant ji Speech 14 April 1978 - (mentioned by baljit singh)


A Big Thank You To:

Bhai Maniv Singh - Sikh Human Rights

Bhai Shamsher Singh - NSYF/Khalistan Centre

Bhai Baljit Singh - JangNama

Bhai Manpreet Singh - World Sikh Parliament & Babbar Akali



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Basics of Sikhi Podcast is a relaxed talk show about Sikhism (Sikhi) and topics related.

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